Part your hair into left and right sections

Spritz your hair with water or apply styling product 

Take a section of hair.


Put only rollers into the heating pod. Do not put any other items into the microwave  


Take one roller and remove compression band

Place your hand through the band and hold the roller

Take your roller over to the opposite side of your head


Hold roller against your scalp behind the hair section

Keeping the roller still, Wrap hair around the roller

Apply the compression band and repeat


1. Prep your Hair
Brush your hair to remove tangles. Then divide your hair into two sections, one on top and one on bottom, tie up your upper hair section and leave the lower section as it is. Put the halo band on between the two sections (Wrapcurl logo on front) and make sure that you put it really tight so it won't move when you put the rollers later on. Spritz the lower section with water because this is the section you might want to start first.

2. Heat your Rollers
This is the exciting part because heating your rollers activates the hydrating smoothing STEAMPLEX. Spritz the interior of the pouch with water (4 pumps should do it) and then heat the 2 long rollers first because this will be the ones you will use on the lower section of your hair. Place your rollers into the heating pouch then put it inside your microwave.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Check the heating chart that is inside the box of your kit for instructions and precautions in heating your rollers.

3. Wrap your Hair
Decide on what to do first (left or right side of the lower section). Stick the other side of the roller in front of the band (beside the logo) then the other on the back. We recommend not putting it tightly yet so it will be easy for you to wrap your hair around it. After that, get a small section of your hair, wrap it around the roller, then the remaining hair of that section that you just wrapped, make sure that you include it on the next section of hair. Repeat this instruction until all of your hair on left or right side of your hair is wrapped. Then make sure to adjust the tension/tightness of your roller when you are done.
Repeat STEP 3 for the other side of your lower section hair. 

After wrapping the lower section of your hair. Untie the upper section of your hair and divide it into 2 (front and back). Use the clip to secure the front section and leave the back section as it is. Then heat the 2 remaining small rollers (Repeat STEP 2)

After heating your rollers, get the first small roller and go to the back section, then start at the bottom part of your hair and roll it like a normal roller. When you reach the top part of your hair, stick the two sides of the roller on the band. Repeat this process for the front section of your hair.

4. Leave rollers on your Hair
We suggest to sit your rollers on your hair for about 30-60 minutes.

5. Release your Hair
Remove all the rollers carefully from your hair and you're good to go for your day! Enjoy the shiny and bouncy waves of your hair without worrying of damaging it.

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