Slow Release Nano Ionic Steam Complex
YES. That's a whole lot of words. so we shortened it to STEAMPLEX™
STEAMPLEX is our patent pending technology that does 3 things in 1. 
It Hydrates, Seals and Styles your hair at the same time.
 STEAMPLEX works by blending moisture from the air and with bio and ion producing elements to generate nano ionic steam for up to 25mins after activation. Deeply setting a healthy shiny curl or wave through healthy moisture, ions and low heat.
STEAMPLEX works at low temperatures
always lower than the boiling point of water (212 degrees), ensuring that your hair is never leached of vital moisture


"Inspired by how heat and moisture co-exist in nature, WrapCurl’s innovation is all about balance"- Natasha CEO Founder

How it works

The beautiful curls that we all love are created by rearranging your hair’s hydrogen bonds. These bonds break every time you wet your hair or apply heat. Popular styling tools, such as curling and flat irons use extremely high temperatures of up to 425 degrees. This extreme heat, results in tremendous damage to the hair cuticle, and hair cortex, causing dry, frizzy hair and ultimately hair breakage.

Inspired by how heat and moisture co-exist in nature, WrapCurl’s innovation is all about BALANCE. Our patented rollers are designed to produce moisture and gentle heat simultaneously by harnessing the power of minerals, tourmaline and bio seeds. In fact, the process begins long before you even touch the rollers. Here’s how it works:

A. The minerals in our patented rollers pull moisture from the air and store it within every part of the roller. When our rollers are activated in the microwave, that moisture is released, generating slow and continuous micro steam and heat. The micro steam sets the hair while delivering moisture into the cuticle, which conditions the hair creating a remarkable, healthy shine. Wrapcurl rollers can generate micro steam for up to 25 minutes!

B. The Tourmaline releases negative ions. These negative ions encourage the cuticle to lay flat, reducing frizz and increasing shine.

C. The bio seeds maintain heat and balance the action of the minerals. This combination of gentle heat, moisture and ions are uniquely effective in forming shiny, healthy curls from the inside out.

WrapCurl protects your hair. Most heating tools provide excessive and damaging heat. WrapCurl provides the perfect balance of heat and moisture to protect your hair, while creating salon results at home.

More product features

  • Traditional rollers are plastic and rigid. WrapCurl rollers are soft and stretchy. They contour to the shape of your head.
  • WrapCurl kits allow you to create multiple styles.
  • WrapCurl saves time. Mobile, hands-free styling allows you to do your makeup, finish a task, or prepare a meal

So what does that mean for beauties on a healthy hair journey?

Fabulous styles, quickly, with

NO heat damage