Frequently Asked Questions

⦿ What Hairstyle do I get with each kit?

⦿ How long does my hair have to be to use the Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX Kits?
Your hair should be shoulder length or longer for your hair to wrap around the roller.

⦿ Will the Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX Kits work for my hair texture? Does it work on natural hair? You would use Wrapcurl in the place of curling iron. So your hair should be mostly straight before you begin. For 3a to 3b hair you may need to blow dry or straighten your hair before wrapping. For 4c hair you may need to flatiron, blow dry or stretch your hair before wrapping.

⦿ Will the Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX Kits work for my relaxed hair?
Yes! STEAMPLEX is the perfect tool for relaxed hair. You need to blow dry your hair before wrapping. Or stretch and air dry to almost straight. Then wrap and enjoy smooth amazing waves!

⦿ Will it help my dry damaged hair?
Absolutely! STEAMPLEX nano ionic steam is designed with dry frizzy hair in mind. The steam will hydrate while the ions will smooth. Look forward to smoother more hydrated tresses!

⦿ Are the rollers heated? How do I heat my rollers?
Yes STEAMPLEX are heated in any microwave. STEAMPLEX operates in low temperatures to create healthy curls and waves.

⦿ How long do I have to heat my rollers?
Generally 1-2 minutes for 4 rollers depending on how strong your microwave is. Your kit contains a heating chart that shows you how.

⦿ Who is the Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX Kits right for?
For all ladies with shoulder length hair and longer - who want beautiful curls and waves without heat damage.

⦿ Will the Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX Kits work on extensions, wigs and weaves?
Yes! STEAMPLEX works on clip-ins, extensions, wigs and weaves made from real human hair and is non synthetic.