You want beautiful and shiny on trend waves
You'd like to have amazing and shiny waves without the
heat damage.

You would absolutely love it if your waves are smooth and bouncy.

There's only one problem.
To achieve those things, you need stop using damaging high heat on your hair.

And typically, that means you have to stop using hot tools.

But the problem is you're a regular person, not a professional hair stylist or a product designer.

You don't know how to create amazing salon quality curls and waves without hot tools

As a result, your hair gets more and more damaged.

Until now, that only left you with a few options:

      1. Hire a professional hairstylist to apply hair treatments to repair your damaged hair - even though they charge $100+/ treatment,

      2. Accept that this is as good as things are going to get. And you will continue to chop off length as your hair breaks from damage, or

      3. Invest countless hours learning how to style your hair without heat damage. 

I went with option 3.

As a design engineer and woman with super fragile, chemically treated hair, I struggled everyday with dryness and frizz. I suffered from the constant breakage caused by hot tools. I got so frustrated, that I wanted to learn everything I could about the structure of hair. So I read dozens of books, analyzed many scientific research papers and spend hours learning about the microstructure of hair. Things like… how the cuticle layers are held in place by hydrolipids and ceramides… at what temperatures the keratin in your hair can actually function… the various ways to get hydration deep into the core of the hair… Then, I took all this knowledge…combined it with my engineering and design skills… created the first STEAMPLEX roller and used it on my hair.

The results were phenomenal:

      • Beautiful, smooth, shiny waves 

      • Increased moisture and hydration 

      • Amazing motion and bounce in my hair

      • Massive reduction of damage and breakage. 

      • The ability to get amazing styles whenever I wanted without worrying about heat damage

Obviously, I was on to something.

That experience taught me that other women could experience amazing curls and waves, quickly without causing major damage to their hair. They too could moisturize, hydrate and style their hair all at the same time without worrying about damage! 

That's why I created Wrapcurl STEAMPLEX kits.


With the STEAMPLEX Mermaid Waves Kit, you can create amazing on-trend curls and waves with no heat damage within 30 minutes. Simply heat the rollers in your microwave, wrap your hair around the rollers and relax. Steamplex will… hydrate, wave and seal in shine.. all at the same time. Your kit will allow you to create amazing waves…at home anytime you want.

More importantly, Mermaid Waves Kit will:

      • give you amazing on trend waves that you have been dreaming of

      • put an end to heat damage when styling your hair
      • create beautiful and shiny waves in a healthy way

      • make your hairstyling QUICK and EASY

      • moisturize and hydrates your hair while styling it at the same time

But don't just take my word for it. Read what our ladies have to say:

“I just love them!! Used this morning straight after I had been to the gym, so easy to keep working whilst they are in, so much more secure than standard rollers! Ta da!”

 --Emily Buckwell

“My hair is so dry and damaged…I hate using hot tools because it's damaging my hair even more…I needed a better solution so I tried Wrapcurl..... Gosh! I love these waves, they are so perfect!”

 --Christine B.

“I'm so excited to try this out and wow! It looks so cute! The waves are so beautiful”


As you can see, our ladies are thrilled with the beautiful and shiny waves they're getting for Mermaid Waves Kit.

All the more reason you should take advantage of our...

Specialty of our Mermaid Waves Kit

If you had to pay a professional hairstylist to give you hair treatments for your damaged hair, you could expect to spend more than $100.

I'm making Mermaid Waves Kit available for a fraction of that.

It costs just $80—about what you'd spend to have a professional hairstylist to give you hair treatments that won't always work.

With Mermaid Waves Kit, YOU GET:

               • Traditional rollers are plastic and rigid. WrapCurl rollers are soft and stretchy. They contour to the shape of your head

               • Wrapcurl saves time. Mobile, hands-free styling allows you to do your makeup, finish a task, or prepare a meal

               • Wrapcurl kits allow you to create multiple style

Imagine what it would be like to...

...spend just 15-20 minutes styling your hair, rather than hours

...stop using hot tools that damages your hair your waves shines and bounce your hair without putting to much time and effort

...see your hair have the most amazing on trend waves without worrying of the heat damage

You can have all of these things with Mermaid Waves Kit.

Plus, if you act today, I'll also include a 10% discount on your first order. Get Mermaid Waves Kit now!


You can continue to do the same thing you've been doing—continuous use of hot tools while you know for yourself that you are damaging your hair.

Or you can buy the Mermaid Waves Kit and put and end in heat styling.

If you're ready to style your hair without heat damage, click the button below.


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Thanks for trying Mermaid Waves Kit.

I know you won't regret it.


Natasha Iwegbu

Founder of Wrapcurl